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Established since 2005, Jiangxi Shuermei Cosmetics Corporation Limited is a manufacturer who is professional in design, produce and market cosmetics tools for more than ten years.
In China, SEM Cosmetics is a top manufacturer for makeup tools which includes makeup blender powder puffs, sponge makeup puffs, non-latex puffs, eyebrow trimming razors, hairdressing blades, razor blades etc.
We have production area over 13,000㎡, employees over 500 people; our production capacity can reach over 4,000,000 non-latex sponge puffs, 6,000,000 air cushion sponge puffs and 15,000,000 eyebrow razors.
SEM Cosmetics have very professional design and R&D teams, experienced designers develop new products according to fashion trends and markets needs in order to fulfill your desires for beauty.
With good quality products and reasonable prices, we are glad to earn high reputation from our customers in cosmetics tools business. We have happy corporation with customers all around the world and looking forward to work with your esteemed company.

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